I promise you, Pullin is by far the most comfortable and stylish underwear I have ever worn. Absolutely love the brand.

Steven Kitshoff

Pullin is definitely the most comfortable I have ever felt in underwear. By far the best looking designs & that is a fact.

Malcolm Marx

So happy that my French favourites are in SA now! The best and most comfortable underwear I have ever had. Awesome design, amazing quality.

Duane Vermeuelen

These Denings man! I was so surprised. After my first pair it was over. I litteraly have six pairs now. Crazy comfortable. Pullin bro!

Vuyo S

Casually voted the most comfotable jeans in the world.

Emmanuelle, Hossegor, France


All PULLIN underwear are made using OEKO-TEX® certified inks, the highest standard in ensuring a zero-risk factor for human and enviromental health.

PULLIN boasts with unique and breathable LYCRA®  (printed or plain) or 100% organic cotton briefs. Construction is key.  Our briefs are of the highest possible quality and allow for ultra-comfortable wear.  They are excellent in terms of keeping your ‘jewels’ precious and healthy.  Their wear extends for years as their shape and dyes keep on keeping over time. 


The textile industry will never be 100% sustainable.

We can however revolutionize the industry to help protect our planet. At PULLIN, we’re proving daily that it’s possible to change, reinvent, and move closer to a profitable and environmentally friendly business model by adopting a few SIMPLE yet RADICAL measures.

« It's time to face the facts - we’re a long way from utopia. We must take action now by creating a new business model with greater consideration for our wellbeing - and that of our planet. »

Emmanuel LOHÉAC  
CEO/Founder of PULLIN

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